RIOT Madness Basketball Tournament Rules 2018

Hosted by RIOT Pentecostal Youth Dept.

Please print the forms below for Tournament Registration:

Eligible age to play in the Tournament is 16 and up, no Exceptions!!!

Registration and payments

Deadline for payment and registration is Sun. April 22nd , NO EXCEPTIONS, Game day is Sat. May 5th & the tournament starts at 8 AM. Cost is $30 per person; Only 14 teams will be allowed to play in the tournament. Teams may consist of a minimum of 7 players but no more than 12 players per team.  Every player must have their registration forms and money turned in by April 22nd .  Payments by check should be made to United Pentecostal Youth with the signed registration forms and mailed to PO BOX 967, Colorado City, TX 79512. Registration payments can also be done online at eventbrite.com. and forms can be emailed to ccityupc@gmail.com.  Please keep in mind that there may be co-ed teams playing and we encourage all coaches and players to keep that in mind when putting your teams together.   If you would like to contact us for more information, please give us a call at 325-207-7004 (Jeromy) or 325-201-4330 (Margo).

Game Length-60 Minutes Max

Games are divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter is 10 minutes in length. There is 1 minute between 1st & 2nd quarters and 1 minute between 3rd & 4th quarters. There is a 5-minute pre-game warm-up and 5-minute half-time period after the 2nd quarter. {Approx. 1 hour allotted per game}

Game Clock

Get your best game on first, in order to keep things moving on schedule; the game clock runs continuously and only stops in the following situations:

  • During a Referee called or Team called Timeout
  • The tournament director may choose to allow the clock to stop on dead balls during the championship game or i the event of a close game.


Teams may call 3 one minute-time outs and 2 thirty second time-outs per game.

There is 1 full minute time out per overtime quarter. Timeouts left over from regulation do not carry over to overtime.


In the event of overtime, the duration of each quarter will be:

  • 3 minutes for the 1st OT period.
  • If the game is still tied after this time, a 2nd period of 2 minutes will be played.
  • If the game remains tied, a 3rd period lasting 1 minute will be played.
  • If the score is tied at the end of 3 overtime periods, the game goes to sudden death (the first team to score wins the game.)
  • In the event of time constraints, the tournament manager may call a sudden death ending at any time during the overtime match up if needed.


Team Captains are required to check in at scorer's table at least 45 minutes before each game to fill out a roster sheet.

Arrival Time

Players are strongly recommended that they arrive for games at least 45 minutes before game time just in case we are able to start early.

Minimum Number of Players

A team may start with 5 players. If a team has less than 5 players, a game will be declared a forfeit at the time the game is scheduled to begin.  (If a team has an injured player the day of the tournament, or a team member has an unexpected emergency, the tournament directors reserve the right to allow a substitution player for an additional $30 fee and the T-shirts requirement still applies, the new player must be able to wear the matching team shirt and sign a registration form.)

Alternate Possession/Jump Balls

After the opening jump ball, team possessions will alternate on any tied up ball.

The start of each quarter continues with whichever team’s turn it is to get the ball.

If the game goes into overtime, a center court jump ball will start the period. The team that fails to get the jump ball will get the next possession.

Lane Violations

A lane violation will be called if an offensive player remains in the lane longer than 3 seconds without the ball.


A player fouls out of the game when he/she is called for a 5th personal foul.

Penalty free throws will be awarded on the 7th team foul during each half.

If a team commits 10 personal fouls in a half, the opposing team will be awarded an automatic 2 free throws on each subsequent foul.

Technical fouls count as a personal foul, a technical foul, and a team foul.

All technical fouls result in 2 shots and possession of the ball in bounds.

Two {2} technical fouls for ANYONE {Coach, Player, or Fan} within the tournament will result in automatic expulsion from the gym for the remainder of the tournament.  Anyone that is expelled from a game will be allowed to stay on the grounds but not allowed to sit in the stands or remain in the gym, for example they are welcome to watch the remainder of the game from the snack bar area.  If there is anyone being contentious concerning the game, the players, the referees, the coaches or the host, that person will be asked to leave the premises.  We have put this tournament together to play for fun and allow God to use it to advance our local youth as a fundraiser for their activities.  We want this tournament to reflect the goodness of God. Thank you for your exceptional sportsmanlike conduct.

Basketball Size

Men’s ball {29.5”}


All players must wear their official RIOT Tournament issued T-shirt along with appropriate apparel during each game.  The RIOT game shirts may not be altered in anyway during the tournament.  Fabric markers will be provided by the tournament for the player’s numbers to be written on the back of the shirts, please arrive in plenty of time to number your shirts.  If you would like to pay for the expense of having your shirts labeled with your team name or player name, please contact Diane at Sparrow Tees in Abilene, her number is 325-672-5940. The tournament will provide t-shirts for each player with the logo and players numbers.

Players are NOT allowed to wear jewelry or metal hair clips of any type during the game.

Coaches should check all players’ shoes before being used on the court for rocks, debris, or sharp objects.


ALL referees MUST BE 17 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, unless the tournament directors have approved and made an exception for any reason.

ANY harassing of officials {referees, book keeper, clock keeper, or tournament volunteers} will NOT be tolerated by coaches, players, or fans.  This could result in the removal of the person from the premises for the remainder of the game or the entire tournament.  This will be the decision of the tournament directors.

Pre-game warm-up

Teams are usually given a minimum of 5-10 minutes to warm up before a game.

Players are not able to take the floor until the previous game is finished and both teams have cleared the floor. If there are no other games going on, teams are able to take the floor as early as they'd like.


Only the head coach and their assistant listed on the coaches application may be on the floor during the game.  This is for liability purposes.

Rules of Conduct

It is expected that all players, coaches, parents and spectators show respect for one another. Berating, fighting, foul language, or swearing is NOT allowed. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will not be tolerated whether during the game or afterward in the parking lot, etc.

Violation of this rule for a player or coach will result in a technical foul and possible suspension from the premises with no refund.

Abusive behavior from fans and parents on a team’s sideline could also result in a bench technical. A bench technical will be charged to the coach.

Any spectator or parent using foul language or anything construed as less than positive behavior by the referees or administrator may be ejected. Multiple game suspensions could be imposed by the tournament administrator, depending on the severity of the situation and offense.

The board and referees reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises for disciplinary reasons or unruly behavior.

Please keep all cheering in a positive manner and show good sportsmanship.

Rules for Breaking a Tie to Determine League Champion or Bracket for Tournament:

If the circumstance arises and more than two teams are tied with the same record, the following will happen:

 Point differential for all games played will be used. The maximum point differential for a single game will be 15 points. Therefore, there is no advantage to “blowing a team out.”

  • In the event of a tie in point differential, the next tiebreaker will be a coin toss.

We reserve the right to update the tournament rules up until the start of the tournament, at which time each team will be given a current and accurate copy of the rules.


******************************************Print and sign the forms below*************************************************************


Please follow the instructions below to print the waiver for registration:

-Highlight the waiver and registration information below

-Select print from your file menu or right click and select print

- Your selected text should still be highlighted, under print settings and document, select print selected area only and enter to print 

If you are still having trouble printing the forms please send a request by email to ccityupc@gmail.com and we will forward you a copy.

RIOT Madness hosted by RIOT United Pentecostal Youth
Basketball Waiver and Release Form

1. Program: I desire to participate, or I desire for my child to participate, in activities provided by the RIOT United Pentecostal Youth Department’s RIOT Madness Tournament aka (the “Tournament”).

2. Risks: I understand the nature of the physical demands of such activities. I understand that such activities, as well as the activities themselves, may result in injury to a participant, and that such injury may be severe. I have made the Tournament aware of any and all medical and physical conditions of the participant named below. I understand that reasonable procedures are employed by the Tournament, but that unforeseen circumstances or accidental events may occur, for which the Tournament, its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, and employees cannot be held responsible. I hereby assume all ordinary risks normally incidental to the nature of this activity and program, including those risks, which are not foreseeable.

3. Release: I unconditionally waive and release the Tournament, its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, and employees, and agree to hold said persons harmless from any and all claims, rights, or causes of action which may be asserted against the Tournament, its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, and employees by any person as the result of any injuries, expenses, loss of compensation, or loss of experience as a direct or indirect result of the use of the services, facilities, instruction, or premises of the Tournament or as a direct or indirect result of participation in the tournament, or from any negligence on the part of the Tournament, including any act or failure to act.

4. Indemnification: I unconditionally promise and agree to indemnify the Tournament and its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, and employees and to hold said persons harmless from any and all claims, rights, or causes of action which may be asserted against the Tournament, its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, and employees by any person as the result of any injuries (regardless of severity, expenses, loss of compensation) or loss of experience as a direct or indirect result of the use of the services, facilities, instructions, or premises of the Tournament, or from any negligence on the part of the Tournament, including any act or failure to act. This agreement to indemnify includes any and all money paid by the Tournament, its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, or employees to, or charged by, any person (whether by virtue of a settlement or in litigation), including attorney fees for any parties to the claim, demand, or litigation.

5. No Liability Insurance: I have been informed and am aware that the Tournament does not provide, nor is any member of my family covered by, any policy of liability insurance which would otherwise serve to compensate members of my family in the event of an injury, expense, loss of compensation, loss of service or other damage (general or special) which I or any member of my family may experience as a direct or indirect result of the use of services, facilities, instructions, or premises of the Tournament, or from any negligence on the part of the Tournament its officers, agents, representatives, coaches, volunteers, or employees, including any act or failure to act.

6. Consideration: I hereby acknowledge the validity and adequacy of the consideration for this release being the offering and provision of the Tournament.

7. Binding Effect: This agreement is binding upon me and upon my spouse, heirs, assigns, dependents, personal representatives, attorneys, and my estates. This agreement is also binding upon my child or children on whose behalf it is executed and upon any legal guardian thereof.

8. Entire Agreement: This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Tournament and the undersigned regarding the subjects covered hereby. All previous agreements, oral or written, are superseded and there exist no further oral or written representatives, promises, assurances or statements of any kind affecting this agreement except those which are expressly set forth in this document.

9. Uniform: I also agree and understand that in order to be eligible on game day to play and participate on the court that I must be in appropriate attire and I must wear, unaltered, my game T-shirt that has been provided by the Tournament and its sponsors.

 We thank you for participating in our 4th annual tournament!  We pray for blessings and safety for all participants and the best of luck.  Our intent for this tournament is for all to have fun and enjoy fellowship in a Christ-like atmosphere!!!!  This event is held as a fundraiser to promote a Christ-centered option for the youth of our community, and to encourage them to follow in His love, His word, His fulfillment and Servant-heartedness!!!

We will be paying to have the numbers printed on the shirts this year :)

Thank you again for your tournament participation, God Bless Each and Every One of You!!!!

We will again have our RIOT Café Concession stand available, we ask that you please encourage your players and fans to patronize our café fundraiser and limit any outside food or drinks.  If there are any items you would like to see on the menu, especially items to help prevent cramps and dehydration, please feel free to offer suggestions or let us know what you have liked the most from previous tournaments….. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Minimum age to be eligible to play is 16!!!

Team Name:  __________________________________________________________________________      

Team Captain Name & Phone #______________________________________________________

T-Shirt Size________________ T-shirt color preference_________________ Player #______

Participant’s Full Legal Name:________________________________________________________



Email Address_________________________________________________________________________

Acknowledgment of all tournament rules and policies to participate in tournament-

Player signature : X____________________________________________________________________

Parents Signature (if under 18)________________________________________________________

Parent’ Full Legal Name (if player is under 18): ______________________________________

Parent phone___________________________________________________________________________

Email to ccityupc@gmail.com and/or mail payment to UPCY PO Box 967 Colorado City TX 79512

Each player must send their completed and signed registration forms by mail, email, or in person; payments can be made by mail, online, or in person  but all payments and registrations must be received  by April 22nd, NO EXCEPTONS! Thanks.

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